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Jefferson's Collection
The library had humble beginnings of just 728 books and three maps, but these
were destroyed when the British burned the Capitol building, then home to the
library, in 1814. Congress appropriated $23,950 to buy Thomas Jefferson's per-
sonal library of 6,487 volumes as the core of a new collection. Another fire in
1851 destroyed many of the topics. It has been a goal of the library to replace Jef-
ferson's topics with period copies, and today only 282 are still missing.
Tip: Standby seats are often available from 6:30pm for 8pm performances
and 12:30pm for 2pm performances.
Tip: Visitors who wish to use the library for research can obtain reader cards
on the day by applying with photo ID, at Room LM 140 in the Madison Building.
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