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This is a wonderful place for strolling, summer and winter. The diversity of Washing-
ton is on parade, the sailboats, yachts, and houseboats are picturesque, and the sea-
food - both cooked and raw - at the Southwest Fish Wharf is a showcase of what's
best in eastern waters. The Fish Wharf is the current raucous embodiment of colorful
markets that have flourished here continuously since about 1790. It is famed for its
crabs, oysters, and clams, and also specializes in river fish not widely available else-
where, such as perch and bass.
Water St, SW
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Locally, Bethesda is best known for its enormous quantity and range of restaurants,
most of them clustered into a lively downtown area that still retains the atmosphere
of a traditional town center. The high-end employment offered by Bethesda's world-
renowned biotechnology industry, however, has also generated a spirited music, per-
formance, and arts scene catering to its cultured and wealthy residents. The city is
especially strong on public art. Its streets and parks spotlight distinguished contem-
porary works in every style, by way of sculpture and stunning painted murals.
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About 15 miles (24 km) north of Washington, DC, the Potomac is rent by magnificent
waterfalls over the crags and sluices of the eroded river bed. In the state of Virginia,
Great Falls Park is reached from Old Dominion Drive (Route 738). It provides spec-
tacular overlooks above the river, fine hiking trails, and the ruins of a small 19th-cen-
tury town. On the Maryland side, the Great Falls area is part of the C&O Canal . The
Great Falls Tavern Visitor Center offers canal rides, hiking, and ranger-led tours and
remarkable river views from the overlook on Olmstead Island. Great Falls Tavern
Visitor Center • 11710 MacArthur Blvd • 310 767 3714 • Open dawn-dusk daily
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