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3.2 Distribution contents
Regardless of how you get the distribution (unzip or build), you will end up with
the same set of seven JAR and ZIP files. A JAR file is a Java archive and is how most
Java libraries are distributed—it is actually just a ZIP file with extra information in
it. The important files in the distribution are shown in table 3.2.
Table 3.2
The most important files in the iBATIS distribution
This file contains common components that are used in both the SQL Map
and DAO frameworks. In the near future (by the time this topic ships) these
common classes may be merged into a single JAR file along with the SQL
mapper classes currently found in the ibatis-sqlmap-2.jar file.
This file contains the SQL Map framework components.
This file contains the DAO framework components.
This file contains a limited set of the JavaDoc documentation for the
project that is specifically trimmed down for people who are only working
with the framework, not on the framework.
This file contains all of the JavaDoc documentation for the project.
This file contains the entire source used to build the framework JAR files.
You can begin to see of how lightweight the i BATIS framework is by how few
dependencies and files are required. That said, the framework has some optional
functionality that can be enabled by including other frameworks such as cglib, a
common bytecode enhancement framework that you will learn more about in the
next section.
3.3 Dependencies
There are other features of i BATIS that you will probably want to configure, such
as bytecode enhancement for lazy loading, which we look at next. Furthermore,
in the rest of the topic we will be exploring the capabilities of the i BATIS frame-
work. Many of those features will require other open source or commercial pack-
ages to make them work properly. To enable those additional features, you will
need to fulfill their dependencies and configure i BATIS to use them. This section
provides a brief overview of these features.
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