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source products. One might say that open source freeware is not within the cul-
ture of the . NET community. That is about to change, if it hasn't already.
Free open source solutions are becoming more popular in the . NET commu-
nity. This is partially due to the increase in open source build and test tools that
have been lacking in commercial software for a long time. Projects like Mono,
SharpDevelop, NA nt, NU nit, NH ibernate, and CruiseControl. NET have been mak-
ing a significant impact on the traditional . NET developer, who may have only
been exposed to Microsoft tools. The . NET community has seen the value of open
source software. Even Microsoft has invested in open source with the release of Welcome to . NET open source mania!
What are the major differences?
The talented i BATIS.NET developers have done a great job of keeping i BATIS con-
sistent. There are a few minor differences that have mostly to do with design phi-
losophies that differ between the Java and . NET platforms. Obviously things like
naming conventions for classes, interfaces, and methods were honored for the
. NET platform. In addition, the XML structure differs somewhat, but we'll discuss
that more in a moment.
What are the similarities?
i BATIS.NET holds all of the same principles and values as the Java version. Simplic-
ity is the goal, while maintaining a great deal of flexibility to ensure that i BA-
TIS.NET will work for as many applications as possible. i BATIS.NET has few
dependencies and makes few assumptions about your application architecture.
This means that many of the same benefits and considerations apply to i BA-
TIS.NET as we discussed for i BATIS for Java earlier in this topic.
The remainder of this appendix will describe the basic usage of the i BATIS.NET
Data Mapper framework. i BATIS.NET also has a DAO framework called Ibatis-
Net.DataAccess. However, we do not explore the full feature set of i BATIS.NET ,
including the DAO framework, in great detail in this topic.
A.2 Working with iBATIS.NET
If you have any experience with i BATIS , you'll become comfortable with i BA-
TIS.NET very quickly. This section explores the key points you need to understand
in order to use iBATS.NET. We start with a look at the dependencies ( DLL s) and
configuration of i BATIS.NET . We then draw on your existing i BATIS knowledge
and demonstrate the usage of various SQL mapping files.
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