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requests through the Struts controller ( ActionServlet ). To get people into that
initial page by passing through the Struts framework, we must create a simple
index.jsp with a forward, define the URL we are forwarding to in the struts-con-
fig.xml file, define the tile in the tiles-defs.xml file, and create the initial JSP
page our visitors will be arriving at.
In order for the JSP forward to work, we first need to set up the initial page
(figure 14.2) for our visitors.
This page will be located in the web/catalog/ directory of our source tree and
will be named Main.jsp . Since the catalog is the first thing a visitor will view, we'll
place our main page in the catalog directory.
In addition, we will need to drop a definition for the page in the tiles-
defs.xml file (listing 14.3). Tiles make it easier to create common templates and
reuse them, thus avoiding the redundant JSP includes. To learn more about tiles,
check out Struts in Action .
Figure 14.2
The Main.jsp page is the first page a visitor will view.
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