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OK , so now that you know what your options are, let's take a closer look to see
what makes each one unique.
The EXTERNAL transaction manager
The EXTERNAL transaction manager is the simplest to configure (it has no prop-
erties, and any that are passed to it are ignored), but potentially the most difficult
to use, because you are 100 percent responsible for all transaction management
in your application.
The HIBERNATE transaction manager
The HIBERNATE transaction manager is also very simple to configure. It takes all
of the properties that are passed to it, and simply passes them on to the Hibernate
session factory. In addition, any properties that are passed in with names that
begin with class. are assumed to be classes to be managed by Hibernate, and are
added to the configuration object that is used to build the session factory. Like-
wise, any properties passed in that begin with map. are assumed to be mapping
files, and are also added to the configuration object.
The JDBC transaction manager
The JDBC transaction manager is probably the most difficult one to configure.
The DataSource property is required for this transaction manager and must be
one of the following: SIMPLE , DBCP , or JNDI .
The SIMPLE data source
The SIMPLE data source is an implementation of the i BATIS SimpleDataSource ,
which is a stand-alone implementation ideal for minimal overhead and depen-
dencies. It has five required properties:
JDBC.Driver —This is the fully qualified name of the JDBC driver to be used
for managing transactions in this DAO context.
JDBC.ConnectionURL —This is the JDBC URL that is to be used to connect to
the database for this DAO context.
JDBC.Username —This is the username that is to be used to connect to the
database for this DAO context.
JDBC.Password —This is the password of the user to be used to connect to
the database for this DAO context.
JDBC.DefaultAutoCommit —If true (or any expression that the Boolean class
in Java interprets as true), then the autoCommit property of connections
returned by this data source will be set to true in this DAO context.
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