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Fig. 9.14. Citrus and olive trees on
Montale's hills.
On the whole, the interviewees seem to be
suffi ciently conscious of activating a refl exive
process that tends to distinguish one's own atti-
tude and one's own behaviour from those of
the others, but they are also capable of applying
a critical look to themselves.
From this point it is possible to synthesize
the main results of the last area.
investment could initiate a series of different
activities, more or less directly linked to tour-
ism: from agriculture (typical products, wine/
food) to house repair in the inland hamlet (dif-
fused receptivity). 9
All aspects connected with the dimension of
joining associations that could get over diffi cul-
ties that a single subject may meet. But things
are not as simple as they seem and do not always
go according to wishes; not everybody feels that
they can rely on a diffused sense of collabora-
tion, based on shared projects and indeed, to tell
the truth, it seems that many interviewees have
diffi culty in understanding the trends of develop-
ment in the town council's mind.
At the same time, however, they recognize
the work of the recent administrations and the
Citizens as resources 8
Being a resource for our interviewees means
gaining and developing an entrepreneurial
way of thinking that probably is only at its
beginning and needs to be supported. Private
8 Area visualized by Figs 9.14-9.16.
9 See in particular Fig. 9.15.
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