HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Incorrect rendering (one of the most significant drawbacks).
Difficult and inefficient development cycle.
Low level of accessibility.
Low level of backward compatibility.
Lost traffic, fewer visitors, and fewer sales. Because of the inconveniences and problems listed
earlier, web sites that are not standard-compliant have a higher risk of losing functionality,
popularity, and productivity.
Additional bandwidth load and hosting cost. Numerous needless characters in the source
code increase both file size and complexity.
More difficult updating and maintenance.
Benefits of Standard-Compliant Markup
Valid, standard-compliant markup has several advantages. Here are the most important ones:
Search engine crawlers can index documents more adequately, and the content is basically
search engine optimized.
Compared to those websites that violate standards, standard-compliant websites can be
downloaded faster.
Well-structured markup provides faster rendering.
Web documents that apply standards properly are rendered accurately in modern browsers.
More users are accommodated, and they probably stay longer because of correct appearance
and layout. 2
Lower development costs (only in case of well-qualified developers and carefully selected
software tools).
Standard-compliant markup serves as the basis for website accessibility.
Backward compatibility is ensured as browsers evolve.
Optimal content lengths and file size (no unnecessary characters are listed in the source
code), as well as cost-optimal storage (potential for cheaper hosting).
Standard-compliant markup is easier to maintain and update than the markup that
violates standards.
Standard-compliant source codes become obsolete later, and upgrading is much easier when
new standards are introduced.
Compatibility with current and future browsers is guaranteed (at least from the developers'
point of view).
Inspire implementation and force web browsers to support standards progressively.
As you can see, the standard-compliant, clean code has many advantages over nonstandard code and that's why
standard compliance is vital in modern web design.
2 Assuming that the web site has a decent design.
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