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Figure 14-11. The heaven of web standardistas: valid markup, valid style sheet, and valid news feed
Similar to the individual W3C validators, valid documents are indicated by a green stripe, while invalid documents
are indicated by a red stripe. By clicking the stripes, the validation test results can be collapsed/uncollapsed by category
(they are uncollapsed by default). On the right side, on each stripe you can see the number of errors, warning, and
information (if any). These numbers are hyperlinks and can be used to jump to the corresponding section on the
page. In case of a valid web page, the validators provide not only reassuring information but also W3C badges with
evaluation links that can be embedded to your valid web page. In other words, the output of Unicorn is identical to the
output of the separate validators.
Total Validator
Another unified validator is Total Validator, which once was an online service. In contrast, the current version is
available exclusively as a desktop software tool for different platforms [29]. The basic version can be downloaded free
of charge. Total Validator is available for different platforms, including Windows, OS X, and Linux. 7 Total Validator
is a small and powerful tool that combines a markup validator, an accessibility validator, a spell-checker, and a link
validator (Figure 14-12 ).
7 The basic tool is Java based and requires Java 1.5 or later.
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