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Figure 14-4. Subject-predicate-object triples retrieved from a valid RDF file
Optionally, the RDF graph can be generated in various formats, including embedded or linked PNG, SVG, GIF,
PostScript, IsaViz/ZVTM, HPGL, and HPGL/2. Although the arcs look like hand-drawn curves and often overlap each
other—which is not the most visually appealing representation—the image output can be useful for demonstrational
or designing purposes (Figure 14-5 ). Note that there are only very few similar services available on the Web for
generating graph images from RDF.
Figure 14-5. Detail of an RDF graph generated by the W3C RDF Validation Service
in contrast to the raster (pnG) output, the SVG output not only has incomparable quality but also contains the
Uris as hyperlinks.
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