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Figure 11-11. Browsing an accessible site in Lynx
View the Source Code
Web browsers provide the option to view the source code of the currently opened web page (usually by selecting
View Source or Page Source, selecting a similar menu item from the local menu, or pressing Cmd/Ctrl+U or in
Safari Cmd/Ctrl+Alt+U). This feature can be used to analyze the markup and other components of the site. Although it
can be very useful to learn from other developers, it is crucial to keep in mind that a large amount of web sites are not
standard-compliant and should not be considered as a reference or best practice.
There is a difference between the copyright of the web site content and that of the markup code that displays it.
As a general rule, copying code of other web sites without permission is not allowed to be published unless there is a
license that allows you to do so.
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