HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
the info bar, the list of CSS properties associated with the currently selected element, and syntax highlighting. The
program interface is highly customizable and features different modes for displaying the code, the result, or both at
the same time (Figure 11-3 ).
Figure 11-3. Code and design can be displayed simultaneously in Adobe Dreamweaver
Content Management Systems and Bloggers
Content management systems are WYSIWYG tools developed mainly for web content authoring and blog publishing.
Many of them are driven by PHP. The most well-known content management systems are cross-platform, such as
Drupal [17], Joomla! [18], and WordPress [19]. Beyond the common tasks of web publishing, they provide modern
functionalities to support semantic annotations, SEO, and accessibility. However, the standard support of content
management systems varies, and these systems are responsible for a large share of invalid markup on the Web.
Figure 11-4 shows a typical example.
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