HTML and CSS Reference
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Figure 11-2. An SVG file in Amaya
Many commercial and free editing tools exist [11]. Compared to advanced text editors and source code editors,
however, many commercial WYSIWYG editors are not affordable to everyone. On the other hand, there are several
graphical developers that are not only free but also open source. Here are some examples:
Microsoft Expression Web [12] (commercial, free trial available)
Microsoft WebMatrix [13] (freeware)
Adobe Dreamweaver, available for Windows and Mac OS (commercial) [14]
W3C Amaya, a free, open source (X)HTML, MathML, and SVG editor [15]
XStandard XHTML, the standards-compliant XHTML editor, available for Windows and Mac
OS (free lite version) [16]
The standard compliance of Dreamweaver, the industry-leading authoring application is constantly evolving.
However, it took several years for the development team to reach a high level of web standards support. The latest
versions of Dreamweaver support HTML, CSS, XSLT, JavaScript, ActionScript, XML, ASP, ColdFusion, JSP,
and PHP. Some features and tools in Dreamweaver are useful not only for development in general but also for
standard-compliant development. Some examples are invalid code highlighting, syntax error alerts displayed in
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