HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
EditPad Lite (free [5] and low-cost versions [6] are available)
EditPlus [7]
NotePad++ (free, open source [8])
TextPad (low cost, free evaluation [9])
Arachnophilia (available for Windows, Linux, Unix, FreeBSD, and Mac OS [10])
As an example, let's look at the major features of Notepad++. It is a multifile editor with convenient file manager
options. Notepad++ saves multiple files with a single click, opens recently edited files, and provides tabs for each
opened file. It has a fully customizable interface with advanced features such as line markers, guides for opening
and closing tag pairs, structuring guides to collapse or reveal the currently edited level of the DOM tree, and syntax
highlighting (Figure 11-1 ).
Figure 11-1. Syntax highlighting and tag pair guides in Notepad++
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