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Listing 8-37. A Category Declaration in Atom
<category term="Publication" />
The value of the label attribute is language-sensitive. Character entities used in the attribute values are considered
characters instead of markup.
The contributor Element
The person or company that contributed to an entry or the whole feed can be indicated by the contributor element
(Listing 8-38).
Listing 8-38. A Feed Contributor
<name>Alex Sikos</name>
The generator Element
If a software tool is used to generate the Atom news feed, it can be identified by the generator element. The generator
element has two optional attributes. The value of the uri attribute should be an Internationalized Resource
Identifier according to RFC 3987. The other optional attribute is version that represents the version of the Atom
generator (Listing 8-39).
Listing 8-39. An Atom Generator Identified in the Feed
<generator uri="" ver="4.34-en">Movable Type</generator>
The icon Element
Similar to the contents of the uri element and that of the uri attribute of the generator element, the content of the
icon element should also be an IRI reference that conforms to RFC 3987. This element specifies an image file for the
Atom news feed (Listing 8-40). The aspect ratio of the image should be 1:1.
Listing 8-40. An Icon for the Atom Feed
The id Element
The id element is a permanent identifier provided in lowercase (Listing 8-41). It is used as a subelement of both the
feed element and the entry elements.
Listing 8-41. An Atom Identifier
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