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Listing 8-7. Using the cloud Element in RSS
<cloud domain="" port="80" path="/RPC2" registerProcedure="pingMe"
The update notification sent by the cloud to the client contains one parameter: the URL of the RSS file that
changed. As a response, the client must return the Boolean value TRUE .
The copyright Element
Copyright notice of RSS channels can be provided by the copyright element. Listing 8-8 shows an example.
Listing 8-8. Providing Copyright Information in RSS
<copyright>Copyright © 2015 Christina Sikos. All rights reserved.</copyright>
The docs Element
A hyperlink to the documentation of the applied RSS format can be provided by the docs element. The typical element
value is .
The generator Element
RSS feeds generated by software tools can easily be recognized from the value of the generator element, where the
generator software usually identifies itself (Listing 8-9).
Listing 8-9. An RSS News Feed Generated by Movable Type
<generator>Movable Type 4.34-en</generator>
If the element is omitted or contains a simple text editor, it usually shows that the feed is written by a hand-coder
at the source level (as we do in this chapter). In such cases, the author provides a text editor such as Notepad++ and
typically identifies himself or herself as the creator using the Dublin Core vocabulary. However, most people apply
feed generators that can generate news feeds in both RSS and Atom, which is especially useful for companies that
publish news feeds in both formats.
The image Element
An optional subelement of the channel element is image , which can be used to provide an image for the RSS feed.
It has three required and three optional subelements:
url subelement.
The URL of the image representing the channel is expressed by the
The image format can be GIF, JPEG, or PNG. Required.
title . When the RSS is embedded into (X)HTML,
this string is forwarded as the text for the alt attribute. The value of the title subelement
should coincide with the value of the title element of the channel. Required.
The alternate text of the image is defined by
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