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Listing 7-91. Combining DC and vCard with Math-Net
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf=" "
xmlns:dc=" "
xmlns:rdfs=" "
xmlns:vCard=" " >
<rdf:Description rdf:about="">
<rdfs:label>John Smith</rdfs:label>
<vCard:FN>John Smith</vCard:FN>
<vCard:N rdf:parseType="Resource">
It is important to keep in mind that Dublin Core element name conventions and XML element nestings do not
consequently apply to all the other metadata schemas.
Some vocabulary from the Math-Net schemes can be used to extend descriptions of persons expressed by other
vocabularies, including Dublin Core and vCard [160].
When using the XML or RDF/XML syntax, Dublin Core can be used in combination with external metadata vocabularies
such as IEEE Learning Object Metadata (IMS) [161] or Open Digital Rights Language (ODRL) metadata [162]. For
example, the storage, preservation, and retrieval of digital learning materials at universities can be properly provided by
the combination of Dublin Core, LOM, and local labels describing learning materials when using the Greenstone digital
library software [163].
For example, an online educational system can be described accurately by three different types of metadata
(Listing 7-92).
Listing 7-92. A Combination of DC, IMS, and ODRL
xmlns:xsi=" "
xmlns:dc=" "
xmlns:dcterms=" "
xmlns:oex=" "
xmlns:odd=" "
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