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Beyond the general implementation guidelines, the following rules apply for Qualified Dublin Core:
Similar to DC properties, the element refinement names should be XML qualified names
( QName ) that link to the associated DCMI namespace name (Listing 7-37).
Listing 7-37. XML QName with Dublin Core
In this example, the date or period when the resource became or will become available is
expressed with Qualified Dublin Core.
Element refinements might have further embedded element refinements.
Encoding schemes should be declared by the xsi:type attribute on the XML element for
the property. The name of the encoding scheme is provided as the attribute value in the
form of a QName. Listing 7-38 shows an example.
Listing 7-38. Encoding Scheme Declaration
<dc:identifier xsi:type="dcterms:URI">
The names of both the element refinements and the encoding schemes should be those
that are specified in the DCMI Metadata Terms recommendation. The first letter of the
element and element refinement names should always be in lowercase. The first letter of
encoding scheme names should be in uppercase. Scheme names are often provided in all
uppercase. Listing 7-39 shows an example.
Listing 7-39. Element Refinement and Encoding Scheme
<dcterms:isPartOf xsi:type="dcterms:URI">
The language of the property value can optionally be provided by using the xml:lang
attribute (Listing 7-40).
Listing 7-40. Setting the Natural Language for Dublin Core
<dc:subject xml:lang="en">
website standardization
<dc:subject xml:lang="hu">
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