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A complete FOAF description looks like Listing 7-29.
Listing 7-29. Describing Personal Metadata with FOAF
<foaf:name>Thomas Davis</foaf:name>
<foaf:homepage rdf:resource=""/>
<foaf:weblog rdf:resource=""/>
As you will see, such descriptions can be embedded in XML and RDF files. In contrast to the profiles of conventional
community portals, such as the ones driven by PHP and MySQL, the entire content of such files can be automatically
processed. Anyone who publishes a FOAF or DOAC file on their web site can provide a machine-readable personal
introduction, resources, and links to colleagues and friends.
FOAF properties can be considered as the semantic equivalents of personal characteristics and relationships
described on Facebook, and DOAC properties are the semantic counterparts of LinkedIn features. The DOAC
vocabulary not only provides classes and properties to describe professional capabilities but also reapplies FOAF
properties from the foaf:Person domain, including doac:summary , doac:experience , doac:education , doac:skill ,
doac:reference , and doac:publication [84].
Employment history and career experience can be described by the doac:title , doac:date-starts ,
doac:date-ends , doac:position , doac:activity , and doac:location properties of the doac:Experience class.
Education and training information can be provided by the doac:title , foaf:organization , doac:date-starts ,
doac:date-ends , doac:subject , and doac:level properties of the doac:Education class.
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