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Events, such as workshops, conferences, sport events, and so on, can be described by the following microdata properties:
description : A description of the event
duration : The duration date of the event in ISO duration format
endDate ( dtend ): The ending date and time of the event in ISO date format
eventType ( category ): The category of the event, for example, Concert , Festival , Lecture
geo : Geographical coordinates of the location with two elements: latitude and longitude
location : Location or venue of the event
photo : Hyperlink to a photo or image related to the event
startDate ( dtstart ): The starting date and time of the event in ISO date format (required)
summary : The name of the event (required)
url : Hyperlink of the web page describing the details of the event
For example, a sport event can be described as shown in Listing 7-27.
Listing 7-27. Describing a Sport Event with Microdata
<a href="">National flyball competition</a>
<img src="flyball.jpg" alt="Flyball" />
The national flyball competition is approaching.
When: Nov 13, 9:00AM—12:00AM
Where: Dog Park, 123 Arena Eve, Melbourne, VIC
Category: Sport
Image Licensing with Microdata
One of the options to provide image licensing information is HTML5 microdata. Listing 7-28 shows an example.
Listing 7-28. Describing the Image License with Microdata
<figure itemscope itemtype="" itemref="licenses">
<img itemprop="name" src="images/amdb9.jpg" alt="My Aston Martin DB9.">
<figcaption itemprop="title">The DB9.</figcaption>
<p id="licenses">All images are licensed under the <a itemprop="license"
href=" " >Creative Commons
Attribution Share Alike license</a>.
It is strongly recommended you publish photographs on the Web with licensing metadata. This can eliminate
copyright issues and licensing problems as well as contribute to advanced web searches.
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