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Listing 7-12. A Combination of hReview and hCard
<div class="hreview">
<span class="item"><strong class="item"><span class="fn">The winner takes it all</span>
<span class="reviewer vcard">
By <span class="fn">John Smith</span>, <span class="title">Editor</span>
at <span class="org">Consumer Reviews</span>
Rating: <span class="rating">4.5</span> out of 5.
<span class="description">A fascinating performance.</span>
The review is described by the hReview microformat ( class="hreview" ). The name of the reviewer is revealed
by span class="reviewer" . The hCard microformat is nested inside the hReview microformat in order to provide
additional information about him (a space-separated list of attribute values in <span class="reviewer vcard"> ).
The hCard properties describe the name ( fn ), job title ( title ), and organization ( org ) of the reviewer.
There are millions of web resources with some or all rights reserved. Many licenses associated with documents and
objects are sophisticated, and users cannot be expected to know them.
The rel="license" microformat can be added to hyperlinks that point to the description of the license. This is
especially useful for images but can be used for any resources.
Basic image embeddings apply only the src and alt attributes on the img element, such as in Listing 7-13.
Listing 7-13. A Basic Image Embedding
<img src="hotel.jpg" alt="The Palace Hotel" />
To declare the image license, the rel and href attributes should also be used. In the case of the Creative
Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license , for example, it should be in the form shown in Listing 7-14.
Listing 7-14. Declaring an Image License
<img src="hotel.jpg" alt="The Palace Hotel" rel="license"
ref=" " />
The value of the href attribute provides the associated URI of the resource where the license is described. Some
of the most commonly used license deeds are [39] as follows:
Creative Commons Attribution (cc by)
Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike (cc by-sa)
Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives (cc by-nd)
Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial (cc by-nc)
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