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Listing 7-10 shows an hCalendar example.
Listing 7-10. A Three-Day Conference Represented in hCalendar
<div class="vevent">
<h1 class="summary">Semantic Web Conference '15</h1>
<div class="description">Semantic Web Conference 2015 was announced yesterday.</div>
<div>Posted on: <abbr class="dtstamp" title="20150825T080000Z">Aug 25, 2015</abbr></div>
<div class="uid"></div>
<div>Organized by: <a class="organizer" href=""></a></div>
<div>Dates: <abbr class="dtstart" title="20151012T093000Z">October 12 2015, 9.30am
UTC</abbr> - <abbr class="dtend" title="20151014T200000Z">October 14 2015, 8.00pm
<div>Status: <span class="status">Confirmed</span></div>
<div>Filed under:</div>
<li class="category">Conference</li>
Optional properties include, but are not limited to, location , url , dtend (in ISO date format), duration (in ISO
date duration format), rdate , rrule , category , description , uid , geo , attendee , contact , organizer , attach , and
status . The geo property has the subproperties latitude and longitude , while attendee has the subproperties
partstat and role . According to the specification, the property list is not final and is being extended [34].
Those who have to publish new events regularly might find the hCalendar generator hCalendar-o-matic useful [35].
The hCard microformat standard can be used to represent contact data of people, companies, and organizations
by semantic markup [36]. hCard metadata should be provided on the contact pages of web sites. In summer 2010,
hCard crossed the 2 billion mark according to Yahoo! Search Monkey, making it the most popular metadata format for
people and organizations on the Web.
hCard is based on the vCard standard (RFC 2426 [37]). In fact, existing vCards can be easily converted to hCard. 3
the vCard standard is widely used for storing electronic business cards. For example, Microsoft Outlook uses this
format for the business cards available under Contacts.
The hCard class names should be in lowercase.
the root class name for an hCard is vcard . an element with a class name vcard is itself called an hCard.
3 The vCard notation BEGIN:VCARD is class="vcard" in hCard, N: is class="n" , FN: is class="fn" , and so on.
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