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Figure 1-1. Browser updates provide new features such as advanced support for the latest standards
Used by Internet Explorer (since version 4) and IE shells, Outlook Express, Maxthon, and various media players,
Trident is one of the most widely used rendering engines. Windows Internet Explorer (formerly Microsoft Internet
Explorer) is a series of graphical web browsers developed by Microsoft. IE has been implemented in the Microsoft
Windows operating systems since 1995.
Although Internet Explorer has been continuously improved in each version, even the most important
standards, that is, the ones that describe the markup and style sheets, were implemented in an incomplete fashion
until version 9. The limited standards support, incorrect floating positions, the expanding box problem, and
especially the implementation of the individual box model of Internet Explorer 6, have caused serious problems in
web design for years.
The standard-compliant mode was introduced in version 6; however, it did not solve the problem. Even some
of the well-known HTML 4.01 elements (for example, abbr ) were not supported prior to IE8. Several DHTML
objects did not comply with standards. When web pages were rendered in IE8 mode, however, the methods
and attributes updated in IE8 caused problems with web sites that expected the rendering functionality of
earlier IE versions [61].
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