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Listing 5-21. An Attribute Selector Example with an Attribute
img[title] {
border-color: #ff0;
Attribute selectors can be used not only for attributes but also for attribute-attribute value pairs. For example,
a 10-pixel border can be added to all logo.png images within the web page with the CSS rule shown in Listing 5-22.
Listing 5-22. An Attribute Selector with an Attribute and an Attribute Value
img[src="logo.png"] {
border: 10px;
This applies to multiple instances of the markup in Listing 5-23 throughout the web page.
Listing 5-23. A Markup Code Where Listing 5-22 Is Applied
< img src="logo.png" alt="logo" />
Child Selectors
Child selectors select the right-hand element in the selector if and only if it is a direct child of the left-hand element.
The greater-than sign ( > ) is used between the child and the ancestor. Listing 5-24 shows an example.
Listing 5-24. Child Selector Example
td > a {
font-weight: bold;
This is applied to all hyperlinks within table data cells, such as in Listing 5-25, but does not affect hyperlinks in
general such as in Listing 5-26.
Listing 5-25. A Hyperlink Example for the Child Selector in Listing 5-24
<td><a href=" " > Private Cloud Services </a></td>
Listing 5-26. The Child Selector Example Is Not Applied to Anchors That Are Not Children of a Data Cell
<a href=" " > Domain registration </a>
Child selectors are not supported in Internet explorer 6 and earlier.
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