Image Processing Reference
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Figure 9.9. Result of the fusion of all the knowledge available regarding the caudate
nucleus (left) and the segmentation of that nucleus (right)
Figure 9.10 illustrates six objects of the atlas as well as the same objects rec-
ognized in an MRI acquisition. They are properly segmented, even though they are
significantly different in the image in size, location and morphology from those in
the atlas which serves as a model. It is worth noting that the third and fourth ven-
tricles, which are particularly difficult to segment in MRI images, here are properly
recognized and segmented, thanks to the use of spatial relations with respect to other
structures of the brain.
Figure 9.10. Results of the recognition procedures. Six structures are represented:
the lateral ventricles (medium gray), the third and fourth ventricles (light gray),
a caudate nucleus and a putamen (dark gray). On the left, the structures
from the atlas and on the right, those recognized in a 3-D MRI image
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