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FinalBurn Alpha
FinalBurn Alpha is a project designed to emulate many arcade games, most notably those
that run on the Neo Geo, Capcom CPS-1, and CPS-2 platforms.
FinalBurn Alpha is not available in the Pi Store or the repositories, so we must download it
from the project home page. We will be using wget to download the project files.
1. First, we will create a folder for FinalBurn Alpha. Type mkdir fba in a terminal.
2. Now, enter into the fba directory with cd fba .
3. Next, type wget http://raspberrypigaming.com/files/fba.zip .
If that doesn't work, go to https://code.google.com/p/pifba/ for the latest download.
4. Unzip the file by running unzip fba.zip .
5. Place your game files in the roms directory.
6. Now, run FinalBurn Alpha with ./fbacapex .
7. A menu will appear with your available games. Have fun!
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