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PiSNES is a port of the SNES9x project and is an emulator designed to run games for the
Super Nintendo Entertainment System ( SNES ). The SNES was released in 1991, and
featured 16-bit graphics, which was incredible for its time. The games released on the
SNES are still highly sought after; collectors and players all around the world still enjoy
games such as Final Fantasy, Star Fox, MegaMan X, F-Zero, Super Mario World, and hun-
dreds of other great games. What makes this emulation possible, is the fact that PiSNES
takes advantage of the Raspberry Pi's graphics chip, and offloads much of the processing to
PiSNES is not available in the Pi Store or the repositories, so we must download it from the
project home page. We will be using wget to download the project files as follows:
1. First, we will create a folder for PiSNES. Type mkdir pisnes in a terminal.
2. Now, enter into the pisnes directory with cd pisnes .
3. Now, type wget http://raspberrypigaming.com/files/
pisnes.zip . If that doesn't work, go to https://code.google.com/p/pisnes/ for the
latest download.
4. Unzip the file by running unzip pisnes.zip .
5. Place your game files in the roms directory.
6. Now, run PiSNES with ./snes9x.gui .
7. A menu will appear with your available games. Have fun!
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