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FCEUX is an emulator designed to run games for the Nintendo Entertainment System
( NES ). The NES is arguably the most popular and well known gaming system in video
game history. Released in 1984, the NES introduced such popular titles as Super Mario
Bros, The Legend of Zelda, MegaMan, and Metroid. Hundreds of games were produced for
this 8-bit system, many of which can be played on the Raspberry Pi. The following steps
will show you how to use FCEUX for running the game:
1. We will start by downloading FCEUX. Type wget ht-
tp://raspberrypigaming.com/files/fceux.zip into your terminal.
2. Next, type unzip fceux.zip and press Enter . If you get the error saying unzip
not found, type sudo apt-get -y install unzip to install the unzip pro-
3. The file fceux should now be in your directory. Run the emulator by typing
./fceux /path/to/game/rom , for example, ./fceux /home/pi/
smb.nes .
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