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Mednafen is a program that consists of multiple system emulators. It can emulate the Atari
Lynx, Neo Geo Pocket Color, WonderSwan, Game Boy Color, and the TurboGrafx-16 with
great performance.
Installing Mednafen from the terminal is easy. We will use apt-get , which is the default
package manager for Raspbian. The apt-get command makes it easy to install and up-
date common Linux utilities and programs.
Before using apt-get to install an application, you should run sudo apt-get up-
date . This will keep the list of available applications up to date.
Let's see how to use the apt-get command:
1. In the command prompt, type sudo apt-get install mednafen and
press Enter .
2. The apt-get command will now search the repositories for the application,
download the package, and install it on your system. When it is completed, type
mednafen and press Enter . You will be greeted with text that explains how to use
the program.
3. This version is best run under the desktop, so type startx in the command
prompt, and press Enter .
4. You will want to bring up the terminal app by double-clicking on LXTerminal
from the desktop. You will also need to supply a game file to test with.
5. From the terminal, type mednafen /path/to/gamename and press Enter ,
for example, mednafen /home/pi/homebrew.zip .
6. Mednafen will read the game file, select the correct system, and bring up the game
You are now ready to play games using Mednafen.
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