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After loading, the ChameleonPi the main menu will be displayed:
ChameleonPi offers a similar way to get game files onto the SD card as RetroPie does.
The first is via SAMBA shares. The big difference between the two is that ChameleonPi's
password protects the folders. By default, the username is zx and the password is spec-
trum . Once logged in, you will see a list of folders representing each system.
The other way is via the USB drive. Unlike RetroPie, where the files are copied from the
USB drive to the SD card, ChameleonPi uses your USB drive as external storage. If you
insert a freshly formatted drive, ChameleonPi will create a folder structure for your
games. Copy your files into the corresponding folder on your USB drive, and then insert it
into the Raspberry Pi. The next time you use ChameleonPi, your game files will appear.
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