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RetroPie is a project based on Libretro, RetroArch, and EmulationStation. EmulationSta-
tion is an open source frontend that makes it easy to manage over 30 video game consoles
and applications, and your associated game files. It includes a built-in joystick setup tool
and can automatically download associated metadata for your files. This metadata includes
items such as box art and game info, which gives your collection a polished finish.
Libretro is another open source project. It is designed to bring multiple emulators into one
main package. Instead of having a separate application for each system, Libretro turns
these emulators into a core, which hooks into the library. By having a common library for
each emulator to hook into, a cohesive easy-to-use platform is created for the user. Ret-
roArch is the main frontend for the Libretro library.
The RetroPie project combines the best of the emulation, gaming, and frontend systems in-
to an easy-to-use platform for the Raspberry Pi.
RetroPie includes all of these systems and consoles:
• Amiga (UAE4All)
• Apple II (LinApple)
• Apple Macintosh (Basilisk II)
• Armstrad CPC (CPC4RPi)
• Arcade (PiFBA, Mame4All-RPi)
• Atari 800
• Atari 2600 (RetroArch)
• Atari ST/STE/TT/Falcon
• C64 (VICE)
• CaveStory (NXEngine)
• Doom (RetroArch)
• Duke Nukem 3D
• Final Burn Alpha (RetroArch)
• Game Boy Advance (gpSP)
• Game Boy Color (RetroArch)
• Game Gear (Osmose)
• Intellivision (RetroArch)
• MAME (RetroArch)
• NeoGeo (GnGeo)
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