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PiPlay is an open source premade distribution that combines numerous emulators, games,
and a custom frontend that serves as the GUI for the Raspberry Pi. Created in 2012, PiPlay
started as PiMAME. Originally, PiMAME was a version of Raspbian that included the Ad-
vanceMAME and AdvanceMENU frontend. The distribution was set to autologin and start
up AdvanceMENU at boot up. This project was founded because of the numerous issues
users were facing to get MAME to compile and run on their own devices. As more and
more emulators were released, PiMAME began to include them in the image, and changed
its name to PiPlay, as it wasn't just for arcade emulation anymore.
Currently, PiPlay contains the following emulators and games:
• AdvanceMAME (Arcade)
• MAME4ALL (Arcade)
• Final Burn Alpha (Capcom and Neo Geo)
• PCSX_ReARMed (PlayStation)
• Dgen (Genesis)
• SNES9x (Super Nintendo)
• Gearboy (Gameboy)
• GPSP (Gameboy Advance)
• ScummVM (point-and-click games)
• Stella (Atari 2600)
• NXEngine (Cave Story)
• VICE (Commodore 64)
• Mednafen (Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket Color, Sega Master System, Turbo Grafx
To download the latest version of PiPlay, go to http://piplay.org and click on the Download
option. Follow the directions from Chapter 1 , Getting Started with the Raspberry Pi , to
burn the PiPlay image to your SD card. When this is completed, insert the SD card into
your Raspberry Pi and turn it on.
Within a few moments, you should see an image like this on your screen:
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