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Press the green flag button to watch the floor scroll. It seems like there's a small problem
though: the floor isn't long enough. It scrolls off the screen with nothing behind it until it
reaches the end. Don't worry though. It's a simple fix!
1. Right-click on Floor1 and then click on Duplicate .
2. You should now have a complete copy of your floor sprite. You should rename it
to Floor2 . Now, click on it and choose Scripts . We have to make a few adjust-
3. Delete the first and third script from Floor2 . You can do this by clicking and
dragging them to the first (leftmost) column.
4. Now, edit the remaining script to look like this:
By setting x to scroll + 480 , you will now have a second floor that follows the first floor
and continually repeats.
You can add some color and some grass to the costume to add to the scrolling effect.
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