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Let's build a Flappy Bird clone!
Your first game is going to be a Flappy Bird clone. While this might seem like a complic-
ated task, it really can be broken down to a few easy scripts.
Flappy Bird is a great starting game. It has a clear objective, uses much of the Scratch func-
tionality, is relatively simple to create, and you can use your imagination by drawing your
own sprites, backgrounds, and pipes.
What kind of a game is Flappy Bird? It is a game where your goal is to keep on pressing a
button to make a bird rise as it is constantly falling while navigating its way through the
pipes of varying heights that are coming at it.
It can be broken down as follows:
• Every button press makes the bird go up on the y axis
• Every second the button isn't pressed the bird goes down the y axis
• A pipe starts at the right end of the x axis and moves left toward the bird
• When the pipe reaches the far left corner without touching the bird, you earn a
point and the pipe disappears
• If the bird touches the ground or the pipe, then the game is over
So, now we know we need a minimum of two sprites: a bird and a pipe.
What else will we need? We will need a background, a floor, some variables, and a few
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