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Hooking up your Raspberry Pi
It's very easy to properly set up a Raspberry Pi. If you can build a Lego set, you can build
your Raspberry Pi computer. The following steps will help you in this:
1. Place your SD card into the SD card slot on the underside of the Raspberry Pi.
2. Connect the HDMI or RCA cable to the respective connector on the Raspberry Pi,
and plug the other end into your monitor.
3. Plug the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet jack (not applicable to Model A and A+)
on the Raspberry Pi and the other end into your router or switch.
4. Connect the USB mouse and keyboard to the two USB ports available on the Rasp-
berry Pi. If you are using Model A, connect a USB hub to your Raspberry Pi and
the mouse and keyboard to the hub.
5. Plug the power supply's Micro USB connector into the Micro USB port on the
Raspberry Pi to turn it on.
6. A red LED, by the USB ports, will light up to indicate that the power is turned on.
7. On your screen, a square rainbow image will appear for a brief moment, followed
by some quick moving text or a graphic loading screen.
Congratulations! You have successfully booted up your Raspberry Pi!
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