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Raspberry Pi 2
As of this writing, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has introduced a brand new board called
the Pi 2. While sharing the layout and price of the Model B+, the Pi 2 has been heavily up-
The biggest change is the move from an ARMv6 running at 700 MHz, to a quad-core
ARMv7 running at 900 MHz. The ARMv7 is a pretty big upgrade; it is what most Android
releases are compiled for and the minimum version for other Linux distributions. Microsoft
has even mentioned releasing a customized version of Windows 10 for the Raspberry Pi.
The other major upgrade is that the RAM has been increased from 512 MB to 1 GB.
The Pi 2 is also backwards compatible with software written for the original Pi. In order to
move your Pi's SD card to the newest Pi 2, follow these steps:
• On the Model A, B, or B+ run these commands:
1. First, run the sudo apt-get update command.
2. After that run the sudo apt-get upgrade command to run the up-
3. Next, run the sudo apt-get dist-upgrade command.
4. Finally, run the sudo apt-get install raspberrypi-ui-
mods command.
After these tasks are completed, your operating system will be updated and you can safely
move your SD card between the Pi 2 and original Raspberry Pi.
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