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Connecting via HDMI doesn't work
• Edit the config.txt file and set hdmi_safe = 1 .
◦ Type sudo nano /boot/config.txt , in the terminal
◦ Find the #hdmi_safe=1 line
◦ Remove the # from the line
◦ Press Ctrl + X , then press Y to save the file
◦ Reboot your Raspberry Pi
• Turn the TV on before turning on the Raspberry Pi.
• Try a different HDMI cable.
The boot drive contains a TEXT file named config.txt . This file stores all of the con-
figuration parameters and is read each time your Raspberry Pi powers on. Editing this file
allows you to fine-tune your Raspberry Pi and can also help resolve various issues that can
crop up during use. You can also edit this file on your PC or Mac by putting the SD card in-
to the computer.
If you have trouble getting an image to appear on your TV through HDMI, the most com-
mon fix is to edit config.txt and set hdmi_safe = 1 . This changes and boosts the
HDMI signal, so that it is more likely to sync with your TV. Another simple change is to
ensure that the TV is on and connected before you power on the Raspberry Pi.
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