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Xboxdrv allows you to customize buttons, activate a controller, and use the wireless USB
adapter for Xbox 360 controllers. Follow the given steps to install xboxdrv:
1. Type sudo apt-get -y install xboxdrv on the command line and
press Enter .
2. To test whether it works, plug in your Xbox controller, type sudo xboxdrv -
-kernel-detach-driver and press Enter .
3. The lights on the controller should stop blinking and be replaced with one solid
4. Pressing any button will cause your screen to list the current status of each button.
5. Press Ctrl + C to close xboxdrv.
To use xboxdrv normally, type sudo xboxdrv --kernel-detach-driver --
silent & and press Enter . This will activate xboxdrv, suppress the screen output
whenever a button is pressed, and launch it in the background, so you can still use your Pi
for other things. Just run through the following steps:
1. To activate xboxdrv at login, type nano ~/.profile .
2. Use the arrow keys to go to the end of the file.
3. Type sudo xboxdrv --kernel-detach-driver --silent & .
4. Press Ctrl + X and then press Y to save the file.
5. Now, when you log in to your Pi, xboxdrv will automatically launch and set up
your Xbox controller.
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