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Installing and running
Njam is available in the Raspbian software repositories, and can be played on the terminal
or desktop environment using the following steps:
1. At the command line, type sudo apt-get install -y njam .
2. To run the game, type njam and press Enter . The game should now fill your entire
3. Njam offers a single-player game, two-player cooperative mode, two-player duel
mode, and a 4-player network game. To play a local game, just select One player
game or Two player game . You will then select a map and start playing.
4. Playing a network game is easy as well. If you are hosting the game, just select
Host network duel . The other players will need to select Join network duel from
their copies of Njam, and enter in your IP address. Once everyone has readied up,
press the spacebar to start the game.
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