Hardware Reference
In-Depth Information
Installing and running
Installing FreeCiv is very simple. Follow these steps:
1. At the command line, type sudo apt-get install -y freeciv-
client-gtk . This will install FreeCiv, as well as the FreeCiv server.
2. Once the install is finished, make sure you are on the desktop environment by typ-
ing startx and pressing Enter .
3. Once you are on the desktop, click on the menu button at the bottom-left and high-
light Games . Under the sub menu, you will see the Freeciv option. Click on it.
4. FreeCiv should now have launched and you will be presented with a few options.
5. Select Start New Game and you will be presented with the game setup screen.
Here, you will able to set the game options, choose the amount of players, and pick
which nation you will be playing as.
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