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Multiplayer match
FPS are fun on their own with bots, but to really enjoy the full experience, you need to play
with other people. Sadly, the Raspberry Pi version is not compatible with the PC servers, so
most of the multiplayer games you see online will not work. The good news is that you can
create your own server!
Running a server
To start your own server, perform the following actions:
1. From the command line, change into the Open Arena directory by typing cd
/usr/local/bin/indiecity/InstalledApps/openarena/Full/ .
2. Execute the oadedicated script by running ./oadedicated.sh .
3. After Opening IP Socket appears, press Enter .
4. In the command prompt, type map oa_dm3 and press Enter .
5. The Open Arena dedicated server will now be running on your local network.
6. Other Pi using Open Arena can now connect to your Raspberry Pi's IP address.
Joining a server
To join a server created by another user, perform the following actions:
1. From the Open Arena main menu, click on MULTI PLAYER .
2. Edit your player name and customize your character as required.
3. Click on next .
4. Open Arena will search for servers on your local network.
5. If your local game does not appear, click on specify and enter the IP address of the
server you wish to join. If the server is running on the same Pi you wish to play on,
you can enter (This is called a loopback address. It means connecting
to itself).
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