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Open Arena is available on the Raspberry Pi App Store. Make use of the following steps to
install Open Arena:
1. From the command line, enter startx to launch the desktop environment.
2. From the desktop, launch the Pi Store application by double-clicking on the Pi
Store icon.
3. At the top-right of the application, there will be a login link. Click the link and log
in with your registered account.
4. Navigate to Explore | Games | Fighting .
5. Click on the Open Arena result.
6. At the application info page, click on the Play/Download button on the right-hand
side of the screen.
7. Open Arena will automatically be downloaded and a window will appear showing
the installation progress.
8. Press any button to close the window once it has finished installing.
9. When you click on Launch to play the game, your Raspberry Pi will reboot and
automatically launch Open Arena on the command line.
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