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Chapter 5. Ported Games
Now that we have played some games via an emulator, we are ready to play some games
that were ported to work on the Raspberry Pi. A port is a piece of software that is coded
and developed for a specific environment but has been transported and rebuilt for a differ-
ent one. This commonly occurs with console games. A game will be written for a Mi-
crosoft console, and then ported over to Sony's or Nintendo's console. It also happens when
a console game is ported over to the PC.
This chapter will focus on those games that have been released for other platforms, and
then ported over to the Raspberry Pi.
You will learn how to:
• Install and play Cave Story
• Install and play Doom
• Install and play Open Arena, and create a multiplayer server for it
• Install, create your own world, and program scripts for Minecraft
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