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PicoDrive (Genesis/Mega Drive)
PicoDrive is an emulator that runs games made for the Sega Genesis (also known as the
Mega Drive in Japan and Europe). The Genesis is a 16-bit gaming console that came out in
1989. It was known for its many great arcade ports, such as Altered Beast and Mortal Kom-
bat, as well as a series that has spanned numerous releases and consoles, Sonic The Hedge-
hog. To download PicoDrive go through the following steps:
1. Type wget http://raspberrypigaming.com/files/pi-
codrive.tgz in your terminal.
2. Next, type tar zxfv picrodrive.tgz and press Enter . A long list of files
will stream across the screen.
3. You should now have a directory called picodrive . Enter the directory by typ-
ing cd picodrive .
4. Run the emulator by typing ./PicoDrive . The PicoDrive menu should appear
on your screen:
5. Use the menu option Load new ROM/ISO , which will traverse your Raspberry
Pi's directories and select your ROM file to be played.
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