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Edinburgh's area code is 0131, followed by a seven-digit number. You only need to dial
the 0131 prefix when you are calling Edinburgh from outside the city, or if you're dialling
from a mobile.
Mobile Phones
The UK uses the GSM 900/1800 network, which is compatible with the rest of Europe,
Australia and New Zealand, but not with the North American GSM 1900 system or Japan-
ese mobile technology.
If in doubt, check with your service provider; some North Americans have GSM 1900/
900 phones that will work in the UK.
Edinburgh has excellent 3G coverage.
Phone Codes
International dialling code 00
Edinburgh area code 0131
Mobile phone numbers 07
Local call rate 0845; from UK landlines; 15p to 40p per minute from mobiles
National call rate 0870; from UK landlines; 15p to 40p per minute from mobiles
Premium call rate 09; £1.50 per minute
Toll-free numbers 0800 or 0808; from UK landlines; 15p to 30p per minute from mo-
Making International Calls
To call abroad from the UK, dial the international access code ( 00), then the area
code (dropping any initial 0) followed by the telephone number.
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