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Best for… late-night journeys.
Edinburgh's black taxis can be hailed in the street, ordered by phone, or picked up at one
of the many central ranks:
Central Taxis ( 229 2468)
City Cabs ( 228 1211)
ComCab ( 272 8000)
The minimum charge is £2 (£3 at night) for the first 450m, then 25p for every subse-
quent 195m or 42 seconds - a typical 2-mile trip across the city centre will cost around £6
to £7.
Tipping is up to you - because of the high fares local people rarely tip on short journeys,
but occasionally round up to the nearest 50p on longer ones.
Best for… short distances, and escaping to the countryside. Beware of city-centre
Edinburgh is well equipped with bike lanes and dedicated cycle tracks.
You can buy a map of the city's cycle routes from most bike shops.
Biketrax ( 228 6633; ; 11-13 Lochrin Pl; 9.30am-6pm Mon-Fri to
5.30pm Sat, noon-5pm Sun; all Tollcross buses) rents out a wide range of cycles and equip-
ment, including kids' bikes, tandems, recumbents, pannier bags and child seats. A moun-
tain bike costs £16 for 24 hours.
Car & Motorcycle
Best for… independence.
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