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The Apprentice Pillar
Perhaps the most beautiful carving in the chapel, at the entrance to the Lady Chapel. Four
vines spiral around the pillar, issuing from the mouths of eight dragons at its base. At the
top is an image of Isaac, son of Abraham, upon the altar.
Lucifer, the Fallen Angel
At head height in the Lady Chapel, to the left of the second window from left, is an
upside-down angel bound with rope, a symbol often associated with freemasonry. The
arch above is decorated with the Dance of Death.
The Green Man
On the boss at the base of the arch, between the second and third windows from the left in
the Lady Chapel. This is the finest example of more than 100 carvings of the 'green man',
a pagan symbol of spring, fertility and rebirth.
Indian Corn
The frieze around the second window in the south wall. It's said to represent Indian corn
(maize), but it predates Columbus' discovery of the New World in 1492. Other carvings
resemble aloe vera, also American in origin.
The Apprentice
High in the southwest corner, beneath an empty statue niche, is the head of the murdered
Apprentice; there's a deep wound in his forehead, above the right eye. The head on the
side wall to the left is his mother.
The Ceiling
The spectacular ceiling vault is decorated with engraved roses, lilies and stars.
Chapel Loan, Roslin
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