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about 33 service areas” (Toronto Progress Portal, 2014), including building ser-
vices, children's services, cultural services, and others. In the report on each service
area, the indicator or measurement is listed and comparisons are made both inter-
nally and externally to better understand government performance. For example,
the “number of paid parking spaces (all types) managed per 100,000 population”
is used to measure the service level, and “parking services operating cost per paid
parking space (all types) managed” is used to measure the efficiency level. Then, on
the basis of the comparisons, citizens could know clearly whether the department
of parking services has made improvements in its performance.
2.6.4 Services
Within online services, Seoul (Figure 2.13) ranks highest. Convenient methods
are provided for the public to contact public officials and for government agencies
to obtain information and services. Bulletin boards are available for the public to
ask questions and get answers from public officials. To search for answers to com-
mon questions, FAQs with subcategories of topics are provided. Users can directly
request information with online forms. The site allows users to report corruption,
violations of administrative laws and regulations, and others. Complaints to the
government via the website can be tracked as well. The website also allows users to
pay their utilities, such as water and gas. Taxes, fines, or tickets may also be paid
online. Permits and licenses could be applied and tracked online. The site also
Figure 2.13
Seoul official website.
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