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Figure 2.4
Berlin official website privacy policy.
Central Measuring procedure are explained in detail. In addition, Berlin notifies
users of privacy statement changes by e-mail and provides contact methods for
questions and comments. Overall, the policy is clear and comprehensive. Berlin is
doing a good job in enabling users to know the collection, usage, and protection of
their personal data.
2.6.2 Usability
Hong Kong (Figure 2.5) provides an example of building a user-friendly website.
Target audience links are divided into four categories—residents, business and
trade, nonresidents, and social groups—enabling users to efficiently locate infor-
mation with their status. A link to the homepage is available and the navigation
bar is consistent throughout the site. Information and service links are listed in
the homepage alphabetically, such as “Communication & Technology, Culture,”
“Leisure & Sports,” “Education & Training,” and so on. In Hong Kong's website,
these forms and services links are directly posted in the homepage. Municipality
news is also available in the homepage. Different types of multimedia, mobile web-
sites, and apps are listed on the homepage as well.
In addition, the Site Map (Figure 2.6) is available at the bottom of the home-
page, which contains four main categories: Residents, Business & Trade, Non-
Residents, and Miscellaneous. All the page links are under labeled items that are
listed alphabetically within categories. For example, “Education & Training,”
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