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groups coordinate their work and address cross-domain interoperability issues. At
the early stage, it remains to be seen how the RDA will cope with these challenges. Research Projects
Complementing the earlier text this section on research data initiatives, several
ongoing research projects share the common vision of enhancing the sharing of,
integration of, and access to research data, but from different perspectives. Here,
we present a small subset of the current EC-funded research projects that seem
promising and worthwhile to follow over the next months and, in some cases, years.
The Policy Recommendations for Open Access to Research Data in Europe*
project will leverage existing networks, communities, and projects to address chal-
lenges within the open access and data dissemination and preservation sector and
produce policy recommendations for open access to research data based on existing
good practice. For doing so, besides taking into account infrastructural and tech-
nological issues, the Policy Recommendations for Open Access to Research Data
in Europe project puts special emphasis on legal, ethical, institutional, and policy
issues by analyzing cross-domain case studies (e.g., physics, health, earth sciences)
to enable open access for research data. Even though the project will address dif-
ferent interoperability levels related to open access, it aims primarily to incentivize
professional researchers to deposit their data on open access repositories. The proj-
ect wants to formulate the required open access polices in an easy, unambiguous,
and understandable way.
The following two recently started projects exploit large amounts of open
research data deployed in research data infrastructures through the design and
development of sophisticated analytical tools and data visualization services. The
Maximizing the Exploitation of Linked Open Data in Enterprise and Science proj-
ect will develop advanced services to maximizing the potential of Linked Open
Data for private and public sector alike, whereas the OpenCube project will focus
on publishing and enriching Linked Open Statistical Data for the development of
data analytics and enhanced visualization services. Like research data gains value
when it is open and accessible, data analysis and visualization tools will follow the
same tenet and will thus be regarded as a type of research output that needs to be
open and accessible to the broad scientific community.
The Co-ordination and Harmonization of Advanced e-Infrastructures for
Research and Education Data Sharing § project focuses particularly on promoting
collaboration between scientists facilitating interoperability between thematic data
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